The MCube Hosted Phone System for your business – VMC Virtual PBX
MCube X, the receptionist solution, is built around the MCube platform, and offers a unified, adaptive communication service that can be setup, provisioned and managed on demand for smooth communication, higher business productivity and excellent service delivery. For its exceptionally low cost operations, it most suits the small entrepreneurs. Whatever your business size, now you can get MCube X - a Cloud that works 24/7, 365 days for a low monthly subscription. There is no need to hire a receptionist and install an EPBX system which together can cost a hefty amount.
M Cube Virtual PBX is a hosted phone system on the MCube platform your business should have. No matter the size of your company, with VMC VirtualPBX you can have a corporate-class business phone system without the expense or hassle of buying and maintaining your own phone switch. With Virtual PBX, you can use your own land phones or mobile phones to converge all your phones across a location or even across multiple location onto one phone system. VMC Virtual PBX helps you create first big impressions.

Within a few clicks and a couple of minutes, you can have a fully automated, cutting-edge Virtual PBX business phone system that gives you great features like:

  • Live operator support
  • Auto attendant support
  • Voice recognition
  • Customized greetings
  • Customizable music on hold
  • Fax without a fax machine – coming soon
  • Follow me forwarding – coming soon
  • Record conversations
  • VMC IVRS integration
  • VMC Call Track integration for advanced call routing,
  • Simple web based administration
  • Professional support
  • Low monthly cost
  • No maintenance cost, no upgrades cost, no manpower cost
  • No hardware or PBX to buy

To know how it works click here

VMC Virtual PBX allows your professionals to be mobile yet stay connected to office and clients for any incoming calls. With Virtual PBX you work from any where in the country allowing you and your executives to be more productive and gives you opportunity to focus on your business completely without worrying about how your clients will connect to you.

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Virtual EPBX
MCube X, the receptionist solution, is built around the MCube platform, and offers a unified, adaptive communication service.