UserGate Web Filter

UserGate Web Filter is the successor to GateWall DNS Filter. The main difference is that the new product, in addition to filtering of DNS requests, supports many other methods for analyzing the content of loaded pages. UserGate Web Filter is currently available for Linux servers; a version for Windows servers is under development.

Category-based blocking

UserGate Web Filter uses a massive URL database to classify sites based on 70+ categories. Over 500 million URLs are listed. The database is regularly updated:
site list is updated daily.
Old listings are re-verified for changes to their content and/or category.
Administrators can control access to such categories as pornography, dangerous sites, online gambling, gaming and entertainment, social networks, and many others.

Morphological analysis

UserGate Web Filter analyzes web pages for specific words and phrases. This kind of control is applied to specific sections of a site, without blocking the entire site at the category or domain level. This approach is useful for social networks, forums, and other portals with a large share of user-generated content (Web 2.0).
You can subscribe to dictionary updates (for the Suicide, Terrorism, Pornography, Bad Words, and Drugs word sets).

Safe search

Administrators can force use of “safe search” mode on popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Rambler) and on YouTube. Inappropriate content is blocked by the sites themselves, which is highly effective for filtering results of image and video searches, among others.

White lists and black lists

UserGate Web Filter supports white lists and black lists of URLs. White list/black list entries take precedence over the filtering settings of other mechanisms.

Blocking of banners and pop-ups

Pop-ups are the bane of web surfers: it is all too easy to accidentally click a link in an obnoxious ad image. UserGate Web Filter does away with pop-ups, including ones loaded from other sites.
Banner ads are another significant source of annoyance. Visiting a safe site can still force you to view pornographic images in ads on the page margin, for example. UserGate Web Filter solves this problem too, by zapping banner ads before users see them.



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