UltraEdit for Linux

Announcing UltraEdit text editor for Linux

The world's best text editor is now available on Linux! Based on UltraEdit, UEx is a Linux text editor for C, C++, HTML, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, and Java programmers...beginners, power users, and everyone in between. A very flexible and powerful Linux editor, UltraEdit is widely used as a programmer's C or Java source code editor, a simple HTML editor, a more advanced CSS, Javascript, and PHP web developer's editor, a Perl source code editor, Python source code editor, and even a hex editor... all on Linux. Specific distribution packages are available for Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Red Hat (all other distributions can download our UEx .tar package).

UltraEdit for Mac Screenshots

UltraEdit for Mac is a truly native Mac application designed to provide a feature-rich editing experience with a truly Mac OSX native look and feel... without sacrificing any of the functionality you've come to love from UltraEdit over the years.


text editor for UbuntuUltraEdit for Fedora UltraEdit for OpenSUSE UltraEdit for RedHat

UEx features a user-friendly interface and layout...

UEx is designed to give you the native feel of your operating system of choice, without sacrificing the knowledge you've gained in using UltraEdit on Windows. So, if you're a Windows user who has made the jump to Linux or Mac, UEx will seem very familiar. UEx maintains the interface, configuration conventions, hotkeys, and the text editing features you've come to know.

All Find/Replace/Find and Replace in Files functionality in one window

What is UltraEdit without find/replace... UEx offers the same powerful find and replace that is so critical to your day-to-day tasks.

UEx is a hex editor

Unlike most other Linux editors, UEx has a built-in hex editor. Many Linux editors are limited in that you must install specific libraries, files, and other dependencies. Having specialized in text editing perfection for better than 15 years, we understand that installing and using specific libraries can be cumbersome and time-consuming. As such, we have taken the steps to make the installation of UEx as seamless as possible without the need for hunting down additional dependencies for hex editing.

UltraEdit for Linux includes full column mode support

One of UltraEdit's most powerful features is its easy-to-use Column Mode. Column Mode, sometimes known as block editing mode, allows you to select columns of data (as opposed to rows) by changing the way you can select text in the editor. Column mode is truly indispensable...

A highly configurable and powerful Linux editor

Perhaps two of the most popular hallmarks of UltraEdit are its extensive feature set and its famed configurability. Of course, both of these attributes are preserved in UEx so you can enjoy the things you like most about UltraEdit, while at the same time, leveraging its strength against computing tasks on Linux. UltraEdit for Linux includes some Linux-specific configurations, such as your choice of console for user tool output, or your choice of file browser when browsing project files/folders. Of course, primary selection is supported as well.

Macros and scripts automate nearly any job

Scripting and macros are a favorite feature of the advanced UltraEdit user. UEx includes the built-in macro/scripting engine so you can automate your tasks...and work smarter not harder. Let the editor work for you!

A highly configurable GUI with file tabs, split windows, and more

UltraEdit for Linux System Requirements

Currently distribution-specific packages of UltraEdit for Linux are provided for the following distributions (both 32-bit and 64-bit):

  • Ubuntu 10.0410.10 and 11.04
  • Fedora 14 and 15
  • OpenSUSE 11.4
  • CentOS/RedHat Enterprise 5.6 and 6.1

* For all other distributions, a 32 and 64 bit tar package is available. While the tar.gz package allows UltraEdit to be installed on any Linux distribution, we cannot provide support for any issues related to installation or dependencies. IDM will only guarantee support of UltraEdit on the Linux distributions specifically listed above.

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