UltraCompare for Linux

Compare files and folders on Linux with UltraCompare

UltraCompare for Linux is a professional file and folder compare application with full support for two and three-way diffing and merging. UltraCompare allows you to compare text files and binary files, as well as folder and directory structures recursively. Additional features include compressed archive comparison, URL compare, folder synchronization, find duplicate files, and a lot more. The powerful diff/merge engine widely used in UltraCompare for Windows is fully native to Linux, with packages for most Ubuntu releases and .tar packages for other distributions. Download UCx today and start comparing files and folders, tracking differences, and merging changes!

Screenshot of UltraCompare for Linux

UltraCompare for Linux includes the same file/folder compare functionality that you've come to love...

UltraCompare for Linux includes a robust compare engine which gives you the ability to compare two or three files or folders at a time. The screenshot below shows a compare of three directories in UltraCompare for Linux. UltraCompare for Linux includes the same functionality you're used to in the Windows version, include drag-n-drop support, inline editing, merge, session management, difference summary reporting, UltraEdit integration, and more.

Screenshot of UltraCompare for Linux

Sync folders on Linux with UltraCompare's unique folder synchronization

Sync up your production files with your backup directory...true up photos between two folders and remove the duplicates...reconcile your data files with your coworker's... UltraCompare's powerful folder synchronization mode is designed to save you time by allowing you to see the different files between two folders and then apply rule-based synchronization actions to them to sync them. The folder sync mode is displayed similarly to a regular folder compare session, except that only differences are shown between the two folders. Additionally, folder sync mode includes a few extra buttons for configuring and executing your sync.

Screenshot of UltraCompare for Linux

Save your most frequent compares with the session manager

Do you find yourself frequently diffing the same log files or directories? If so, UltraCompare includes a very powerful session management feature which allows you to save, name, and group your compare sessions.

Screenshot of UltraCompare for Linux

Compare Linux binary files

UltraCompare for Linux supports full hex data compare of binary files, offering a fast binary compare method and a smart binary compare method. Need to check a compiled binary against an earlier version? No problem!

Screenshot of UltraCompare for Linux

UltraCompare for Linux System Requirements

Currently distribution-specific packages of UltraEdit for Linux are available for Ubuntu 10.04Ubuntu 10.10, and Ubuntu 11.04, (both 32-bit and 64-bit). For all other distributions (both 32-bit and 64-bit), a tar package is available. While the tar package allows UltraCompare to be installed on any Linux distribution, we cannot provide support for any issues related to installation or dependencies. IDM will only guarantee support of UltraCompare on the Linux distributions specifically named above.


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