SNMP Agent Design and Deployment Kit

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Design and Deployment Kit Professional Edition package contains the complete set of software tools that are needed to design and deploy SNMP (sub)agents on Microsoft's 32 bit operating systems.

The package contains the following MG-SOFT's software tools: Visual MIB Builder, SNMP EasyAgent Source Code Template Generator, MIB Compiler, MIB Browser Professional Simulator Edition, SNMP Master Agent (version supporting SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 protocols) and SNMP EasyAgent framework. 

 Visual MIB Builder 
The first step of each SNMP Agent design is creating a MIB definition that will provide a roadmap into the agent's data organization. MG-SOFT's Visual MIB Builder is an application for visual designing and editing of MIB module definition files. It requires no knowledge about ASN.1 syntax or MIB module definition language. With Visual MIB Builder you can design a syntactically and semantically consistent MIB definition module in a matter of minutes.
 MIB Explorer 
With MIB Explorer you can compare different versions of MIB definition files, search for dependencies between MIB definitions, export MIB definitions to HTML and XML. Besides, the software contains a powerful search engine for searching various constructs in MIB definitions.
 MIB Compiler 
Once the MIB definition file is created it should be compiled with the MIB Compiler. MIB Compiler converts the file into the SMIDB binary format that is understood by other tools. Besides, it properly registers both, the MIB and compiled MIB files with the operating system.
 SNMP EasyAgent Source Code Template Generator 
MG-SOFT SNMP EasyAgent Source Code Template Generator is a software utility that takes a MIB file on it's input and according to the given MIB generates a C/C++ source code template (stub) for developing the SNMP EasyAgent based agent extension (subagent) implementing the given MIB. Having the generated source code template, the programmer only needs to add the source code implementing required actions on OIDs for SNMP-GET, SNMP-SET and/or SENDTRAP events.
 SNMP Master Agent 
MG-SOFT SNMP Master Agent is a transparent replacement for the Microsoft's SNMP Master Agent running on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. This version simultaneously supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 protocols. The package includes 20 redistributable licences.
 SNMP EasyAgent framework 
SNMP EasyAgent toolkit provides a framework for extending Microsoft's and MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agents running on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. The package includes 20 redistributable licences.
 MIB Browser Professional Simulator Edition 
MIB Browser allows you performing the SNMP GET, SNMP GETNEXT, SNMP GETBULK and SNMP SET operations. Besides, the software lets you capture SNMP TRAP and SNMP INFORM packets sent from arbitrary SNMP devices on the network. With these and numerous other features MIB Browser is a great tool for testing the deployed SNMP agent. This version supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 protocols as well as the Diffie-Hellman key exchange security model.
The Simulator Edition is the most powerful MG-SOFT MIB Browser edition, offering the SNMP Agent Simulator feature, along with all other features available in all other MG-SOFT MIB Browser editions. It lets you create a snapshot of an SNMP agent on the network and then simulate this agent on the computer where MIB Browser runs. Simulating means that MIB Browser runs a separate process, which listens for SNMP queries on a selected network interface and port and responds to SNMP queries, returning exactly the same OIDs and values as the "real" SNMP agent would (at the time of taking its snapshot). 
Besides, this edition of MIB Browser contains the Generic SNMP Trace window that displays SNMP messages exchanged between MIB Browser and SNMP agents. SNMP messages are displayed in raw hexadecimal dump format as well as in the decoded, human-readable format. Therefore, the Generic SNMP Trace window is particularly useful for debugging when developing a SNMP agent and for resolving problems when SNMP agent does not properly responds to requests from SNMP managers.

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