Smart Readers
Secura Key Smart Readers are designed to work with custom software applications developed by original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators. Access control, fuel management, data retrieval and many other applications are possible. They are available in both Radio Key® Proximity and e*Tag® Contactless Smart Card Technologies.

Up to 100 units can be connected via RS-485 to a PC for a host-validated system. When a card is presented to the reader, that card's ID number is sent in ASCII format to the host. The readers have a solid state relay, plus logic outputs and inputs, allowing access control or process control without panels or additional hardware.

Radio Key® technology allows card data of up to 40 bits, in random or sequential numbering formats, and the cards are read-only.

e*Tag® technology also allows the host system to read and write to the card, and to store data for multiple applications in addition to access control. The card ID can be up to 64 bits, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of cards.

An evaluation kit, complete with demonstration software, is available to those who would like to explore the product's capabilities. For software developers who wish to write an application, an API license is also available.

Smart Readerse*Tag® Technology
ET8-SR-X-D-I Decorator Contactless, Ivory
ET8-SR-X-M Mullion Mount Contactless
ET8-SR-X-D-W Decorator Contactless, White

Radio Key® Technology
RK-XRM Mullion-mount Proximity
RK-XRS Switchplate Proximity

Cards and Keytags
Radio Key® Proximity
RKCM - Clamshell Card
RKKT - Key Tag

e*Tag® Contactless Smart Cards
ETST  Keytag, trapezoidal
ETPT  Tag with holes for attachment
ETKT Keytag, bullnose
ETAT Adhesive Tag

RK-XRM/XRS Smart Reader

Ordering Information

RK-XRM Proximity Smart Reader, 125 kHz, S-Mini-Mullion, black housing
RK-XRS Proximity Smart Reader, 125 kHz, Wall Switch,black or beige housing
ET8-SR-X-M Contactless Smart Reader, Black, Mullion-Mount
ET8-SR-X-D-I Contactless Smart Reader, Ivory, Decorator Wallswitch Style
ET8-SR-X-D-W Contactless Smart Reader, White, Decorator Wallswitch Style

RKKT-01-2: Key Tag, Black, random numbering
RKCM-01-2: Molded Card, random numbering
RKCI-01-2: ISO Imageable Card, random numbering

ETCI04-1 Cards, Encrypted, 26 or 32 bit Wiegand data
ETCI04-4 ISO Cards, Encrypted, 26 or 32 bit Wiegand data (with unencoded mag stripe)
ETST03-1 Compact Key Tag, Encrypted, 26 or 32 bit Wiegand data
ETKT03-2 - Bullnose Key Tag, Encrypted 26 or 32 bit Wiegand Data
ETPT  attach to pallets, plastic totes, etc., with two holes
ETAT03-1 Adhesive Tag, Encrypted, 26 or 32 bit Wiegand data
ETCI04-1-25 Pack of 25 Cards, Encrypted, 26 or 32 bit Wiegand data
ETST03-1-25 Pack of 25 Key Tags, Encrypted, 26 or 32 bit Wiegand data

Custom Graphics available for cards and key tags

Two readers, one RS-232 to RS-485 converter, power supply, Demo software and sample cards, for product evaluation.

Software Developer's Kit, including communications DLL, sample application and documentation. One year of updates are included.

Optical RS-232 to RS-485 converter. Can be used to connect an RS-485 bus to the serial COM port on a PC.

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