MG-SOFT NETCONF & YANG ToolBox package delivers two or more MG-SOFT's superb NETCONF and YANG network management and configuration applications: NETCONF Browser Professional Edition, Visual YANG Designer Professional Edition and YANG Explorer Professional Edition, bundled together in a package at significantly reduced licensing fees.

To determine which MG-SOFT's NETCONF & YANG Application would be the most suitable and would offer most benefits for your particular needs, we recommend you to contact MG-SOFT sales team for additional information.


MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition is a powerful and user friendly NETCONF client application that lets you retrieve, modify, install and delete the configuration of any NETCONF server device in the network. The software provides an intuitive GUI that lets you load any valid YANG or YIN module and represent it in form of a hierarchical tree, containing nodes on which NETCONF operations are performed (get, get-config, lock, unlock, edit-config, copy-config, delete-config, etc.).

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MG-SOFT Visual YANG Designer

MG-SOFT Visual YANG Designer Professional Edition lets you design, edit and validate YANG and YIN modules in a visual manner, without having to master the YANG or YIN syntax. The software loads and graphically presents YANG and YIN modules in a tree view. To design a NETCONF YANG or YIN module, you simply need to drag & drop YANG objects from the components panel to the tree and assign relevant properties in the application's GUI. The software includes YANG consistency validator and lets you save the finished modules to YANG and YIN file format.

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MG-SOFT YANG Explorer Professional Edition is a powerful application with facilities for advanced query and analysis of YANG and YIN definition structures The application loads and graphically presents in the NETCONF tree any number of YANG and YIN modules.The application lets you view all node properties, compare, search, create reports and validate YANG modules in a user friendly and visual manner, without having to master YANG or YIN syntax and rules.

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