GXtest is the ideal solution for automating functional tests for Web systems developed with GeneXus. It allows you to easily automate test cases that will evolve together with the application, without turning testing into a bottleneck when releasing the system to the client.
GXtest reduces time, costs and eorts, and makes test cases easy to expand, maintain and perpetuate, while conrming that the system does everything users expect it to do.

The use of GXtest allows you to:
• Enhance application quality. • Reduce time-to-market. • Reduce costs.

GXtest is the fastest and easiest way of testing GeneXus applications

GXtest has three components: 
GXtest Designer, where the tester works daily to model test cases; GXtest Recorder, the utility program for recording
user actions; and GXtest Manager, the component that centralizes projects, test cases, reports, etc.

GXtest Designer is the tool that allows you to model the test cases to be automated. This modeling consists of an oriented graph in which the nodes represent the pages of the application and the edges represent the events that allow you to move from one page to another.

GXtest Recorder is a component that complements Internet Explorer and allows you to use the record & playback approach for automating test cases.

GXtest Manager is a web application developed with GeneXus that allows you to build execution suites based on the test cases created with GXtest Designer. These suites, in turn, can be executed according to a schedule and distributed in several environments

For more information: www.abstracta.com.uy
Wiki: http://gxtest.abstracta.com.uy/wiki 
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