GeneXus Server (GXserver) is a tool aimed at maximizing your teamworkpotential and facilitating software development efforts that involve the collaboration of distributed development teams. 

Software development is a continuous improvement cycle that requires increasingly faster innovation and time-to-market. This means that not only do you need productive tools to accelerate software development and reduce costs, but also you may need to use flexible development teams whose members are able to work coordinately. 

GXserver, which significantly improves your ability to work as part of a team using GeneXus, has been developed by Artech in order to facilitate collaboration among these teams and enable innovative companies to market new products within competitive time frames. 

In addition, GXserver enables distributed development just as if you were working in a centralized setting by consolidating the project in an automatic and efficient manner. Thus, the propagation of changes made by different team members doesn't have a negative impact.

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