GXportal Overview

GXportal enables users to design, manage, and maintain portals with no programming, which means that users don t need programming or design skills.

It offers a user-friendly Web interface from which you can build your portal and publish information in just a few steps.

Its practicality makes it possible to lower development and maintenance costs, and to significantly reduce time-to-market.

GXportal offers a scalable framework for the integration of knowledge, information and applications in a Web portal, improving the communication process between the members of organizations and communities.



The content module is for administering and managing the information to be published in an agile, dependable, and ordered way. A workflow guides users throughout the information life-cycle process to guarantee the consistency of the data at the time of publication.

All content management is done through a Web interface, providing users with an organized, centralized vision of the information, regardless of where it will be published.


GXportal offers a Design and Navigation Manager module with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to let you design the portal pages with no programming. To do it, you can customize each page, with the possibility to reuse these designs.

You can create your own templates and associate them with sets of pages. This reduces maintenance costs and allows changes to be rapidly implemented, as the changes done to one template are automatically reflected in all the pages related to it.


Communities are based on the interests shared by the portal s visitors. Therefore, the portal should provide the tools to create and manage communities, such as discussion forums, news, frequently asked questions, surveys, and so on.

GXportal has the necessary tools to achieve a space for interaction between the members of these communities.


Segmentation tools permit to control the type of information each user can access and to control access to certain private areas of the portal or to those that are aimed at certain users. The security defined by GXportal provides for the definition of profiles to permit the best target public segmentation. It also provides secure protocol support, which ensures users that the information is sent in a totally private and safe way.

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