GeneXus is the first intelligent tool for automatically creating, developing and maintaining multi-platform, mission critical applications that can be easily adapted to changes in the business and the new opportunities provided by technological evolution.

GeneXus is a powerful,multi-platform software design and development tool that enables trulyincremental development of business critical applications.   GeneXus generates 100% of the application based on your user requirements, providing programming-free, automatic maintenance of your application's database and application programs.   GeneXus supports the leading execution platforms and languages, and the most popular DBMS.
GeneXus X allows developers to declare more than ever before, so that they can focus on the business and expand their talent.   GeneXus X was designed to boost developer productivityeven further, GeneXus X is much easier to use and learn.   GeneXus X incorporates new features such as aWiki editor and multi-user environment, which facilitate the integration of the entire work team.
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