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GroupDocs' Java libraries are professional APIs that allow developers to create powerful document management applications. End users can view, annotate, assemble, sign, convert and compare documents in over 45 popular business file formats from within Java applications. All components are 100% independent, and don't require client-side installation so end-users can work with documents from any Java-enabled device. The UI is easily customizable so that the components integrate seamlessly with your Java applications. GroupDocs' Java libraries come with a 30-day fully-functional trial and a free support for hassle-free deployment:

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Library
A powerful document viewer API that allows you to display over 45 document formats in your Java applications. The viewer can work two ways: by rasterizing documents or by converting them to a combination of SVG, HTML and CSS. Both methods deliver true-text high-fidelity rendering. Supported file formats include: Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Outlook documents, PDFs, AutoCAD, image files (TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc.) and more.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Library
A convenient API that lets annotate Microsoft Office, PDF and other documents within your Java application. The library comes with a comprehensive set of markup tools, that end-users use to highlight, strike through, and comment text and images. Annotated documents can be printed out and exported to PDF or Microsoft Word.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java Library
A powerful class library that lets developers build document assembly Java applications. GroupDocs.Assembly automatically incorporates data entered through online forms into existing document templates to create new, custom documents. It helps your users generate business documents such as NDAs, sales quotes, and job applications, removing hte need for manual data entry into templates your side.

GroupDocs.Signature for Java Library
A secure class library that covers the entire e-signature process and lets you integrate e-signatures into Java applications. Your users can then get documents signed electronically quickly and easily. Detailed audit trails, 256-bit SSL encryption and other advanced security features ensure signed documents are legally binding and are kept private. The convenient wizard-like UI helps speed up the signing process.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java Library
A document class libraryr that allows users to quickly and easily find differences between two revisions of a document. It merges two uploaded documents into a new comparison document and displays it. Differences are highlighted using redline view - similar to the Microsoft Word change tracking feature.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java Library
An advanced class library that allows users to convert back and forth between over 45 document formats from within your Java applications. It supports all Microsoft Office document formats as well as PDF, HTML and common image file formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP). Your users can convert individual documents on the fly, or add several documents at a time to a conversion queue.

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