GateWall Mail Security

GateWall Mail Security for Exchange Server/SMTP/Lotus is a solution for the protection of corporate email from viruses, phishing, spam and other malicious messages, that allows preventing confidential information leaks. The product has options of messages backup and email account monitoring, supports synchronization with MS Exchange 2003 and Lotus Domino via IMAP, and can also operate with any other mail servers.
Due to its modular structure, GateWall Mail Security is highly efficient and failsafe. Antivirus and antispam cloud-based modules provide filtering of spam and viruses using a system of rapid response to new threats (Zero-Hour Protection) with almost no false response.

Protection from personal data leaks or other loss of confidential information

GateWall Mail Security has the Data Loss Protection (DLP) module preventing confidential information leaks or penetration of other unwanted information from external sources.
Depending on the system settings, DLP module can prevent data losses by blocking or holding messages, or inform the Security Engineer of suspicious message sending. GateWall Mail Security uses three types of filtering: Regular expressions (Regexp), Documents matching (Docmatch) and a Lemmatizer. Each of these uses a different search method to scan body, threads, attachments and other parts of messages, to monitor Email messages for certain key words or phrases and to compare the transferred data with confidential information patterns.

Antivirus and phishing protection

GateWall Mail Security uses three integrated antivirus modules: cloud-based Entensys Zero-Hour, Kaspersky and Panda antiviruses. A cloud-based antivirus enables proactive virus detection. Therefore, Entensys Zero-Hour begins fighting a new virus before it infects millions of computers.

Cloud antispam

Cloud antispam filters messages based on their content and heuristics analysis. One of the main advantages of Entensys cloud antispam is a very low rate of false detections – less than one in 1.5 million messages, while its spam detection rate is over 97%.

Additional methods of spam protection

When processed by GateWall Mail Security, messages go through several filtering stages, including connection filtering, sender filtering, recipient filtering and content filtering. In addition to cloud-based antispam requiring no user-specified settings, GateWall Mail Security supports the following additional filtering methods:
> based on DNS (DNSBL, RHSBL, Backscatter, MX, SPF, SURBL);
> based on a distributed antispam system (cloud antispam);
> based on statistical filtering (Bayesian filtering method designed by Entensys).

In addition, the solution supports SMTP monitoring (ensures the commands comply with RFC), allows to set the maximum message size, the maximum number of addressees, etc.

IMAP integration

The Entensys solution features integration with an IMAP server for MS Exchange and Lotus Domino. Integration gives the opportunity to create a public IMAP folder on a remote mail server and process messages in these folders.

Message backup

GateWall Mail Security allows you to backup incoming messages. The backup process is completed upstream of spam and virus filtering. You can specify the direction of messages to be backed up (incoming only, outgoing only or both) and list exception addresses in the Backup settings.

Monitoring and statistics

GateWall Mail Security provides information on all messages processed by the antispam solution server. GateWall Mail Security message monitoring allows filtering by date, processing status (delivered/blocked) or sender/recipient address, as well as push-sending messages blocked as spam, and creating exception lists.

Other features

GateWall Mail Security features antoreply and allows setting mail processing rules. The antispam solution gives the opportunity to change message processing priority, manage services from a web-console, and select a custom date range in the message history.

GateWall Mail Security supports a system of rules for processing message attachments. For example, you can prohibit the opening of executable files to protect the system from Trojans.

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