Digital Keypads
The SK-KPM and SK-KPS are a digital keypads with a Wiegand output for use with the Secura Key SK-ACP, as well as with many other access control systems. Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are sent to a controller via industry-standard 26 bit Wiegand communications.

Secura Key keypads are virtually indestructible. Solid-State piezo technology means no moving parts and no buttons to damage or wear out. The one piece metal housings are fully potted for IP68-rated water-resistance and the anodized graphics never wear off. The SK-KPM is narrow enough to mount to most mullions and door frames, while SK-KPS covers standard electrical boxes.

The SK-KPM and SK-KPS combine the convenience of digital keypads with the advanced features and superior security of a true access control system. These keypads do not operate as standalone units.


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SK-KPMPiezo Keypad, Mullion, 26-bit Wiegand Output
SK-KPSPiezo Keypad, Switchplate, 26-bit Wiegand Output

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