Access Control Panels and Software
SK-NET™ Access Control Software is an easy-to-use Windows®-based program for managing SK-ACP control panels. Up to 200 doors in a location can be networked using a high-speed RS-485 twisted pair bus.

SK-NET™-MLD allows the creation of an unlimited number of locations and connection via dial-up modem or TCP/IP. Client/Server licenses are also available that permit software access from multiple workstations. SK-NET™-MLD software is also ideal for Managed Access Control, allowing dealers to remotely manage access control systems for multiple customer locations for a monthly service charge.

SK-NET™ also features video integration when used with Remote Eyes® Video Management from Odyssey Technologies. SK-NET™ is also fully integrated with SK-EZ/ID badging software.


The SK-ACP Advanced Control Panel is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, two-door access control unit. The unit accepts readers that have a Wiegand output with almost any card technology. Each of the two doors controlled by the unit is completely independent of the other and is configured, programmed and viewed separately. Each door has a separate node address. Each door has two programmable inputs which may be programmed to function as a door open, remote inactive, door monitor, tamper, arming circuit, door unlock, or user
defined input.

Each door has two outputs. One output is the relay that activates the door-operating device. The other output is programmable to activate under one of many possible alarm conditions, time zone or card violations.

As a stand alone, the unit may be programmed using a PC either locally or via a modem over standard phone lines. Transaction information is stored by the unit and may be downloaded to a PC or printer.


Secura Key offers SK-NET™ in a variety of specially-priced 2-door access control kits, which include the SK-NET basic software and manual, SK-ACP-LE control panel, power supply, two readers, and a PC cable. The e*ACCESS kits feature e*Tag® contactless smart card technology, and the SYSKITS feature Radio Key® proximity technology. The kits include everything you need to control access for two doors except for cabling and door locking devices.

SK-NET-DM Basic 
SK-NET-MLD Multiple Locations via Dial-Up, TCP/IP
SK-NET-MLD-C/S Adds Multiple Workstations, 
(2, 5, 10, 15 users)

SK-ACP-LE large enclosure
SK-ACP-NE no enclosure



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Managed Access Control

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SK-ACP-LE large enclosure
SK-ACP-NE no enclosure (board only)

SK-NET-DM Basic:  SK-NET with Disk & Manual
SK-NET-MLD:  Multiple Locations via Dial-Up Modem and TCP/IP Communications
SK-NET-MLD-C/S: Multiple User Workstations, Multiple Locations via Dial-Up Modem and
TCP/IP Communications (2, 5, 10, 15 user licenses available)

NET-CONV-P: RS232 to RS485 converter with power supply 
SK-MDM: External 56K modem
SK-LAN-MOD: Network Adapter, plug-in
SK-WLS-MOD: Wireless LAN Adapter, plug-in 
CBLSA: Cable kit for use with laptop computers 
SK-QUICKCONN: DB9 to RJ11 3’ cable - Laptop to SK-ACP 
SK-PLUG9: DB9 female computer connector 
SK-USB: USB to RS-232 converter for computers without COM ports 
SK-LOCK: Optional lock and keys for SK-ACP enclosure
SK-ACP-PS: Power supply kit including transformer and battery 
SK-24VDC: 24VDC, 500 mA plug-in power supply 
SK-XFRMR: 16.5 VAC, 40VA plug-in transformer w/ground 
SK-DCPWR: Filtered DC power supply board 
DTK-XR: Surge protection for power, data and phone lines 
DTK-CR: Surge protection for card readers and keypads 
SK-BAT: 1.9 AH – 12VDC battery only
SK-EZ/IDKIT1: Badge creation software, camera, cables, ribbon with  4-color badge printer,
100-card capacity
SK-EZ/IDKIT2: Same as above, with dual-sided printing
SK-EZ/IDKIT3: Same as above, with low-volume printer – single card, hand feed.

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