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Software602 Form Filler is a free application for filling in and submitting smart forms As a part of the installation Software602 Form Filler is Software602 Print2PDF Free Edition for conversion of any document into PDF format, signing and time-stamping.

Electronic smart form for Form Filler have established as recognized standard for e-Government communication in some Central European countries. They are also used by many organizations from all market sectors, including local units of international leaders such as Fresenius Medical Care, Millward Brown, Peiko Group, UPC and Volkswagen.

Secustamp Sign Master smart form for Software602 Form Filler
  • Structured XML data output
  • Online/offline data entry
  • Real-time data input validation
  • Digital signature support
  • Form/Data submit to a web server via HTTP/ HTTPS, SOAP, GovTalk or e-mail
  • Repeating sections, switch sections
  • Calculations, constraints etc.
  • Binary attachements
  • Custom context help
  • Pixel precise print
  • Export to PDF
  • Spell checking of input data
  • Automatic updates of forms and application
  • Text-to-speech support
  • Wide range of software integration options
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