YouTrack is a web-based, keyboard-centric issue and bug tracker. Customize all issue attributes and define your own workflow. Manipulate issues with just two simple controls and enjoy lightning-fast bug tracking and bug reporting!

Team City Helps you:

Smart Issue Search
Search for issues by typing queries in the search box, using simple query syntax, aided by intelligent query completion.

Custom Issue Attributes
All issue attributes are converted into customizable. Define your own issue attributes with the exact values you need! Make attributes visible to everyone or a specific user group only.

The Power of Commands
Modify multiple issues at once using the Command window. Command syntax is similar to that of YouTrack search queries, so you can get started in no time!

Keyboard-Centric Approach
Use extensive keyboard support to create, edit, and navigate between issues — all common actions have easy-to-learn shortcuts.

Customizable Workflow
Define the life-cycle of your issues according to your process needs. For example, set up a rule to automatically reassign an issue on changing its state, or require that a build number be defined when closing an issue.

Instant Issue Reporting
Create new issues from anywhere within YouTrack or integrate YouTrack with your mailbox and report bugs or new features right from your e-mail client.
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