Omea™ Pro

Bring all your information together That means your email, contacts, documents, files, blogs, transcripts, newsgroups, RSS feeds, pics, webpage bookmarks, tasks, and instant messages are all in the same place, so you don’t need to look through a slew of programs and applications anymore.

Quickly find specific details, quotes, and facts with Desktop Search functionality.

Organize your information by its relevance to your projects, articles, contacts, research and reports automatically.
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse of an industry, global conversation, or key segment automaticallyMore...
  • Filter your incoming information with Categories
  • Add notes directly to any information source More
  • Save text excerpts from any resource More
  • And categorize it all by topic or project More

Omea Pro

Omea Pro 2.2 replaces tools like your Email Organizer, Desktop Search Utility, RSS Reader, Personal Information Manager, Newsgroup Reader, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Bookmark Manager, and Instant Message History Manager. It can also read your Files in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and view your Pictures, in one Integrated Information Environment.
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