dotTrace™ Performance

dotTrace is a family of simple and fast performance and memory profilers for .NET applications.

Our latest release, dotTrace 4.5 Performance, helps .NET developers quickly find performance bottlenecks and choose the best way to optimize their applications.


Performance Profiling

dotTrace Performance helps detect performance bottlenecks in a variety of .NET Framework applications.
  • Profile any .NET application: Profile the performance of applications targeting .NET Framework 1.0 to 4.0,Silverlight 4, or .NET CompactFramework 3.5.
  • Profile anywhere: Profile applications on your local computer, or remotely with an automatic utility.
  • Multiple profiling modes: Choose sampling mode for fast profiling, tracing for high accuracy, and line-by-line profiling to analyze complex business logic.
  • Clear data representation: Choose between several views that streamline analysis of profiling data in snapshots.
  • Detect bottlenecks quickly: Take advantage of efficient navigation, easy filtering, smart search and handy source preview.
  • Use multiple tabs: Open a specific call or all calls of a suspect function in a separate tab to focus on its performance.
  • Annotate snapshots: Create textual annotations to selected functions to review them later on.
  • Estimate performance gains: Immediately estimate how removing a bottleneck would affect overall performance — without recalculating your snapshot.
  • Survive server-scale snapshots: Profile complex desktop and server applications. Process snapshots of up to several hundred GB in size.
  • Speed and accuracy: Enjoy the fastest and most accurate profiling in dotTrace history. Use the High Accuracy mode to account for the time spent inside the profiler.
  • Integration with Visual Studio and ReSharper: Profile applications right from within Visual Studio 2005, 2008, or 2010. Navigate from a function in a snapshot directly to its source file in Visual Studio. Profile unit tests quickly when working with ReSharper.

Memory Profiling

dotTrace Memory lets you discover memory leaks and optimize memory usage in applications based on .NET Framework up to version 4.
  • Support for a variety of .NET applications: dotTrace 3.5 Memory helps you find memory leaks in applications based on .NET Framework 1.0 to 4.0, including desktop, web applications, and Windows services.
  • Two profiling modes: Identify instant memory status, or monitor memory allocation dynamics over time.
  • Convenient data representation: Depending on the task at hand, use different snapshot views, such asClass ListNamespace Tree, orOutgoing References.
  • Focus on important data: Open parts of a memory snapshot in separate tabs, use filters, folding and other options to focus on what's important for you.
  • Find objects by class: If you are looking to optimize a certain class, you can quickly find all objects of this class in a memory snapshot.
  • Preview source code: While analyzing a snapshot, you can instantly view the source code of any functions involved.
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