AppCode is a new Objective-C IDE for developers building apps for Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones & iPads.

Why Try AppCode ?

Because of a truly smart code editor, with
  1. Thought-out and convenient code navigation
  2. On the fly code analysis with quick-fix suggestions
  3. Project-wide usages search for classes, methods, variables, resources
  4. Instant code transformation intention actions, including i18n support
  5. Better code refactorings: 'Change Signature', 'Extract Method', etc.

Other Facts about JetBrains AppCode:-

  1. Can open and create Xcode projects
  2. Integrates with the standard Interface Builder
  3. Can run your app on IOS device or in simulator
  4. Has a debugger with evaluate expression
  5. Supports Subversion, Git, Perforce and CVS version control systems
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