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Java and Web Development

IntelliJ® IDEA

  IntelliJ IDEA is recognized by many Java developers and industry experts as the best Java IDE on the market. With its industry-leading features, IntelliJ IDEA relieves Java programmers of time consuming routine tasks, remarkably boosting their productivity.


  Professional IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Web and PHP developers.


  Professional IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Web developers.

Ruby & Ruby on Rails Development


  RubyMine — Ruby and Rails IDE providing the most essential tools for developers, all integrated together to ensure a convenient environment for Web development with Ruby on Rails.

Python & Django Web Development


  Lightweight IDE for Python programming language with support of Web development with Django framework and Google App Engine.

Mac OS X and iOS Development


  A new Objective-C IDE based on IntelliJ platform, for developers building apps for Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones & iPads.

.NET Development


  ReSharper is a productivity extension to Visual Studio that helps maintain and improve C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, XAML, XML, HTML, JavaScript, or CSS code in Visual Studio projects. It detects and removes errors and code smells; speeds up coding; provides rich navigation and search features, 40+ solution-wide refactorings and hundreds of code transformations, as well as many more great features for .NET developers.

ReSharper™ 2

  ReSharper 2.0 brings intelligent C# code editing and coding assistance features to Visual Studio 2003 users. By intelligent features we mean usage search, powerful refactorings, smart type completion, using assistant and more. In brief, ReSharper truly understands C# code.

dotTrace™ Performance

  Powerful profiler that helps .NET developers investigate performance problems, spot and remove performance bottlenecks in applications based on .NET Framework 1.0-4.0, Windows Mobile, and Silverlight 4.

dotTrace™ Memory

  A complete profiling solution for detecting memory leaks in .NET applications.


  An extremely simple to use .NET code coverage tool that analyzes statement-level coverage in .NET Framework 1.0-4.0 and Silverlight applications. dotCover integrates with both Visual Studio and ReSharper.


  Free .NET decompiler that is empowered with ReSharper-style navigation and displays decompiled code as C#.



  TeamCity is a continuous integration & build management solution which, following the tradition of IntelliJ IDEA, takes software team productivity to a whole new level.


  YouTrack is a keyboard-centric bug and issue tracker web application that saves your time spent on issue processing. With YouTrack, most of your actions involve two simple controls: the search box and the Command window.

Language Oriented Programming

Meta Programming System™

  Meta Programming System is an environment for professional software developers to create new custom languages, extend existing languages, and use them to develop programs. In particular, MPS is an instrument for creating Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). Domain experts who are not familiar with programming can easily use DSLs created with MPS.

Information Management Tools

Omea™ Pro

  Omea Pro allows you to process, organize, and quickly search all your digital resources that can be any kind of content stored on your computer: e-mails, RSS and ATOM feed posts, newsgroup articles, instant message conversations, favorite web sites, personal contacts, and files. Omea Pro currently runs under Windows 2000, XP, and 2003.

Omea™ Reader

  Free RSS feed reader, newsgroup reader, and web bookmark manager for Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 with a number of information organization and management features.

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