We proudly offer
Trusted DigiCert SSL Web Server Certificates

We offer the following SSL Certificate products by DigiCert CA:
Unlimited Wildcards (Secure Unlimited Servers & Unlimited Sub-Domains)
Unified Communications (SAN) Certificates (Designed for Microsoft Exchange Server and Office Communications Server)
256-Bit EV SSL Certificates (Activate the Green Bar in newer browsers)
256-Bit SSL Single Certificates (Web Standard for Security)

Why Is SSL Encryption So Important?

Many consumers are still wary about shopping online, and not without good reason: faulty security has led to hundreds of thousands of credit card numbers being shared publicly. Your customers know what it means when a site says it has a secure server. It means TRUST, and without it, they’re not buying.

Have you ever purchased something online or entered personal data from a site that didn’t assure you it was secure? Without the consumer confidence that comes from a verified seal and a secure server, a potential sale will be stopped dead in its tracks.

DigiCert provides 24 hour free phone support (this includes International customers), 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Reissues. Most SSL Certificates are issued in 1 hour or less. DigiCert is leading the way by providing Low-Cost/High-Value SSL Certificates.

About DigiCert® CA

DigiCert Inc. is a United States based Security Services Company headquartered in Lindon, Utah.DigiCert supplies SSL Certificates to many leading Organizations including small, medium and large Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, State & Federal Government Agencies and Banking, Educational & Medical Institutions. DigiCert is a WebTrust Certified CA (Certification Authority)

24-Hour “True” Support

DigiCert offers Friendly, Free Support, 24 Hours a Day. They will walk you through every step right over the phone. Call Toll Free:1-800-896-7973. Live chat support is also available.Step-by-step CSR Creation & Installation Instructions for nearly all web servers (os) can be found here: SSL Certificate Installation

DigiCert provides an innovative Web-PKI Tools for simple management of SSL Certificates, including:
Purchase Order (PO) System
Simple Renewal Process
Direct Reissue Tool
Sub-User Manager, etc.

Risk-Free Guarantee

No Hassles, No Delays, and No Questions Asked.30 Day(Risk Free) Money Back Guarantee! DigiCert believes in excellent customer service, so no purchase is final until you are completely satisfied. They are so confident their products will far exceed your expectations, that they stand behind them with a NO RISK GUARANTEE.

In addition DigiCert provides a Strong Authentication (ID Validation) Warranty to assist in building end user trust.

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