Cloud Network Performance Management

Specializing on these core areas are the most potential and emerging technologies that can keep the industry moving.

Cloud Network Performance Management
The benefits of cloud economics are overwhelming and are changing how IT services are designed and deployed every day. From the extremely low cost of starting a new cloud service deployment, to the infinite scalability of your business, a cloud service deployment is the most cost- and time-effective approach to new IT services.

Cloud Network Performance Management enables you to:

  • Ensure the real-time, end-to-end performance of the service delivery path into the cloud service providers’ environment.
  • Identify the exact location and cause of degraded performance, even within the virtual network and virtual servers that make up the cloud.
  • Compare the performance from multiple cloud providers to your location to identify which service gives you the performance needed for your critical applications.

Application Virtualization has become a critical IT service for organizations of all sizes. Virtualization enables users to access powerful, expensive applications from any remote computer and offers one single system for maintaining performance for all end users.

The many benefits of virtualized applications are balanced out by frustrating and hard to identify performance problems. Most of the applications that are virtualized by leading vendors were never designed for remote access, so poor network performance results in stalled applications and virtual service failure.

Cloud Zero-Administration Network Performance Management enables you to:

  • Gain immediate insight into your network and continuously monitor the performance of the applications from the perspective of your remote site end users.
  • Measure the connection of end users back to the server and compare real-time against the key performance indicators needed to perform properly.
  • Alert and report on network issues affecting system and virtualized application performance for pro-active troubleshooting.

Pre-assess, continuously monitor and proactively troubleshoot your most important applications with active application performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. Your business-critical applications are dependent on predictable, consistent network performance and you need in-depth monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to ensure they keep working!

Get Unparalled Performance Insight…
Cloud provides you with the network insight you need to pinpoint exactly where the network is slow and why it is occurring. Whether it is a bandwidth issue or an application performance problem such as jitter, latency or data loss, you will know the answer with Cloud and have the ability to remediate the issue quickly and efficiently. Get insight into your network that you have never had before!

Cloud offers you the capabilities for:

  • Active Network performance insight across ANY network
    • LAN, WAN, MPLS, Internet and VPN
  • Active Application performance insight for business critical applications
    • VoIP, Video, Web, IP Storage and Virtual Service Delivery
  • Advanced troubleshooting with network traffic analysis and packet capture analysis
    • Simple, affordable, remote site NetFlow and PCAP generation

Unified communication systems demand stable and dependent network performance in order to ensure service delivery. This goes well beyond sufficient bandwidth, as this performance -sensitive applications are heavily impacted by other dimensions of performance such as latency, loss and jitter. Even minor performance issues result in degraded VoIP call quality stalled out video conferences and often failed service delivery.

Cloud Zero-Administration Network Performance Management enables you to:

  • Measure the performance of any network, even MSP, Telco and the internet against the SLAs needed for your Unified Communications system.
  • Verify the enforcement of QoS end-to-end, making sure your calls are prioritized properly, and if they are not, identify where and how QoS is being altered.
  • Monitor in real-time the quality of hosted Unified Communications services from the provider out to end users or end users back to the service provider.
Monitor& troubleshoot Health care IT and Network critical business application.
With the on-the-go nature of health care today, it is critical for hospitals and health care providers to have insight into how their networks and applications are performing. A slow network or disrupted application delivery impacts business productivity, and more importantly, patient care. Electronic Health Records (EHR), web-based clinical health records, ePrescriptions, inter-site communication, and online medical registries are all critically dependent on network and application performance. Any drop in bandwidth or increase in latency can make these applications unusable or inaccessible, potentially compromising patient care.

Network Performance Management enables you to:

  • Ensure the migration to electronic health records goes smoothly
  • Pin-point performance problems within complex deployments
  • Maintain and optimize performance of wireless PCs and other devices
  • Protect yourself and your staff against unpredictable connectivity issues and loss of critical patient data

Network Performance Management provides the critical insight and understanding of how a network is performing, and enables network engineers to remotely assess and monitor all health care sites within the network and beyond. From one main datacenter, all health care applications and network services can be managed.

Your end users are located on main campuses, in remote computer labs, and residential halls where students and faculty rely on connectivity and network performance. Colleges and universities of all sizes must provide reliable and consistent IT services to a uniquely diverse and dynamic group of users. With many new, cloud-based applications such as VoIP, Video conferencing, IP Storage and backup, as well as online classrooms and distance learning, higher education IT managers need to have 24/7 insight into how their network is performing across these locations and applications.

Network Performance Management enables you to:

  • Cloud's multi-tenant capabilities simplify the task of remotelymanaging multiple campuses, computer labs and servers.
  • Utilize and assure performance of network based education resources, including: Student/Teacher Collaboration tools, File sharing services, Library databases and online resources
  • Receive live notifications of network performance loss and pinpoint the source of problems within complex networks.

Educational institutions must keep up with the rapidly changing educational environment utilizing innovative technology that will enable them to maintain high-performing network services. Cloud Remote Performance Management is a comprehensive suite of services that enables you to do this with capabilities for remote assessments, continuous monitoring and proactive troubleshooting – through a simple, cloud-based service.

How are you remotely managing the performance of new banking locations or office sites to ensure you are providing consistent service and staying competitive?

Whether you are a large bank, credit union or insurance company, you are likely facing a transition from a traditional network infrastructure to remote or web-based infrastructure. From ATMs, to video conferencing, to online databases, your financial services business is becoming dependent on electronic and cloud-based services. As banking becomes an increasingly accessible, 24/7 business, it is critical that IT managers can manage the performance of remote sites.

Network Performance Management enables you to:

  • Monitor performance of any IP based target, including ATMs, online banking applications, back-end accounting systems and record keeping servers.
  • Proactively manage network performance to troubleshoot outages that disrupt customers' banking needs.
  • Efficiently provide services to remote sites, customers and other businesses without issues such as latency or drop in bandwidth.

Cloud Network Performance Management provides financial services organizations with a comprehensive solution to remotely pre-assess a new network prior to application deployment, continuously monitor the applications and overall network health. As your business grows and expands to additional remote sites or end users, Cloud enables IT managers to monitor and troubleshoot from any location, without ever going on site.



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Cloud Network Performance Management
Specializing on these core areas are the most potential and emerging technologies that can keep the industry moving.
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