About us

Media Trend-IT started as an Intel, IBM, Computer Associate & Microsoft partner. Presently diversified into software development and services with a specialised team in the core fields of web enabled services. We are placed in the silicon valley of India and collaborating with the premium IT companies to meet our international client requirement. Media Trends-IT currently has software engineers and trainees employed on its roles.

Its employees include Microsoft Certified Software Engineers and Developers, Sun Certified Software Engineers, and CMM certified Engineers. Media Trend-IT's process definition began early in 1997 and have been laid on strong foundations with the management itself driving the Software Engineering and Process initiative. MTIT specializes in the design and development of distributed systems using the Java™ platform.

Our Java consulting and software development services provide full support at every project stage from architecture through implementation. Enterprise Java and XML are our primary focus, including Servlets and JavaServer Pages™ (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJBs), XML, and Web services. We're especially known for our expertise in XML and Java performance enhancement.

Our development approach favors open source technologies for control, extensibility, and cost benefits. For J2EE applications we favor Jakarta Tomcat and JBoss™ as development and deployment platforms, using MySQL and PostgreSQL for database support. Web services are implemented using the Apache Axis or JibxSoap frameworks.

Our Services
'Modern Software security protection Processes for any content'
Our Protection studio is easy to use. Protect your software with.
Cloud Network Performance Management
Specializing on these core areas are the most potential and emerging technologies that can keep the industry moving.
Virtual EPBX
MCube X, the receptionist solution, is built around the MCube platform, and offers a unified, adaptive communication service.