Touch Card™
Touch Card™ technology combines a legacy card technology with a high-tech solid state reader. The cards contain a Barium Ferrite insert, which is encoded by magnetizing spots in a specific pattern with specific polarities. While the original mechanical technology used an insert reader with small magnets and a micro switch, the patented slotless TOUCHCARD™ reader uses sophisticated Hall-effect sensors to read the cards through a stainless steel plate, and it is protected from weather and vandalism.

OEM/Wiegand Output Readers - The SK-029W acts as a secondary reader with the 28SA-Plus. Secura Key also offers the SK-028 and SK-034 readers which output Wiegand, Serial or Clock and Data formats, and are sold through OEM suppliers.

Lexan® and metal surface housings and a flush-mount housing are available.

SK-028W - Rusco pattern
SK-029W - Secura Key pattern
SK-034W - Cardkey pattern

Cards & Tags
SKC-06 - card
SKK-06 - keytag

SK-034 Touch Card™ Wiegand/OEM Reader
Touch Key® Key Tag

Reader Wiring

Ordering Information
To order, specify: sk - xxx - y - SM - nn
xxx=model number
y=output type
SM=housing type (Surface Mount, only)
nn=data format number

Cards and Keytags
SKC-06-2 - for TouchCard™ readers
SKK-06-6 - keytag for TouchCard™ readers

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