Contactless Smart
e*Tag® Contactless Smart Card credentials are compatible with all Secura Key e*Tag® readers. Access Control data is protected with Secura Key enhanced DES encryption, using 64-bit diversified keys. Typical transaction times are less than 100 milliseconds. e*Tag's® passive design allows virtually unlimited reads and an estimated minimum 100,000 writes. e*Tag® offers extremely consistent read range. Secura Key's e*Tag® 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card credentials can be used for diverse applications such as access control, biometric verification, cashless vending, and more. e*Tag® credentials can support multiple applications and future expansion.

The e*Tag® ISO Card (ETCI) meets CR80 and ISO 7810 dimensional and thickness standards for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers. The ISO Card can be carried with credit cards in a wallet or purse. Use it with a strap and clip as a photo ID badge. It can be slot punched vertically or horizontally for easy use. The e*Tag® ISO Card is strong, flexible, and resistant to cracking and breaking. Available options include an unencoded magnetic stripe and custom artwork. External laser engraved card numbering is included.

The e*Tag® Key Tag (ETST/ETKT) provides the convenience of a thick, rugged PVC key tag that is durable in a harsh environment. This key tag is the size of a typical automotive key and offers custom artwork printing capabilities on both sides of the tag. This credential can be placed on a key ring or clipped on a lanyard. External laser engraved card numbering is included. The ETST features a trapezoidal design, while the ETKT has a rounded end and allows an optional eyelet for added durability.

Cards and Keytags

e*Tag® Contactless Smart Cards and Keytags

Ordering Information

ETCI04-1-ISO Card, 2k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETCI31-4-ISO Card, 10k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETCI04-4 Same as ETCI04-1, with Hi-Co Mag Stripe, unencoded

ETST03-1 Key Tag, Trapezoidal, 2k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETST33-2- Key Tag, Trapezoidal 10k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETKT03-1 Key Tag, Rounded End, 2k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding (10k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding also available. Contact Customer Service).

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