e*Tag® Contactless Smart Card Technology
Contactless Smart Card technology is ideally suited for access control, time and attendance, membership/loyalty programs, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse, and many other applications requiring secure and reliable read/write cards.

e*Tag® readers use 13.56 MHz technology, and work with Secura Key encoded cards and key tags that meet the ISO 15693 international standard. Secura Key uses enhanced DES encryption which makes e*Tag® cards virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Cards are available with custom 4-color graphics, or with a glossy white dye-sublimation-ready finish for Photo ID printing. Key tags can also be custom printed. e*Tag® credentials have additional memory that can be used for various applications, with total memory ranging from 512 bits up to 10k bits.

ET8-RO-W-M - mullion, read-only
ET8-RO-W-D- Decorator wallswitch
ET4-WXM - mini-mullion, read/writer
ET4-WXS - wallswitch reader/writer

Cards and Keytags
ETST - Keytag, trapezoidal
ETKT - Keytag, bullnose

e*Tag® Contactless Smart Card Readers
e*Tag® Contactless Smart Cards and Keytags
e*Tag® RFID Overview
e*Tag® RFID Reader/Writers


Ordering Information

 “Decorator” Wall switch, read-only, Wiegand output, Ivory 
ET8-RO-W-D-W: “Decorator” Wall switch, read-only, Wiegand output, White 
ET8-RO-W-M:  Standard Mullion reader, read-only, Wiegand output, black 
ET4-WXS: Standard Wall switch reader/writer, Wiegand & RS-485 output, beige 
ET4-WXS-B: Standard Wall switch reader/writer, Wiegand & RS-485 out, black 
ET4-WXM: S-shaped Mini Mullion, reader/writer, Wiegand & RS-485 out, black 

RK-BB:  Back box / Spacer for ET4-WXS, beige only
RK-GM: Glass Mount Kit for ET4-WXS

ETCI04-1-ISO Card, 2k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETCI04-1-ISO Card, 10k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETCI04-4 Same as ETCI04-1, with Hi-Co Mag Stripe, unencoded

ETST03-1 Key TagTrapezoidal, 2k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETST33-2- Key TagTrapezoidal 10k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding
ETKT03-1 Key Tag, Rounded End, 2k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding (10k bit memory, 26 or 32 bit encoding also available.  Contact Customer Service).

Optional Eyelet available on ETKT only.
For Wiegand formats other than 26 or 32 bit call factory


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