Custom RFID Tag Packaging
Secura Key has been manufacturing plastic cards for over thirty-eight years. RFID inlays can be packaged as cards, key tags, labels, and other form factors. Digital printing of custom graphics, including bar code and other variable data, is also available.

Secura Key specializes in PVC card manufacturing, but also has considerable experience with Teslin, Polyester and other materials.

Secura Key uses roll-fed inlays in its robotic pick-and-place equipment, but can also work with sheets and prelams of various types.  We work with all the major inlay and chip manufacturers.

Form Factors
Secura Key manufactures cards in various shapes and thicknesses, including CR80, jumbo cards, keytags, tote tags, disks, etc.  Custom tooling can be special ordered for other shapes.

Major card technology types include both legacy and RFID technologies:

  • Barium Ferrite
  • Magnetic Stripe (unencoded)
  • Wiegand (Cardkey, HID®/Sensor)
  • LF Proximity 125 KHz (Secura Key 26,32-bit, HID® 26,34,37-bit )
  • HF Contactless 13.56MHz (TI Tagit, TI-HF1, NXP iCode, Mifare, DESfire, Infineon My-D, ST-Micro, Legic
  • UHF Gen2 EPC (NXP, Impinj, Alien)
  • Bar Code

Multi-Technology Cards
Secura Key can manufacture cards with combinations of various technology types for transition or combination of multiple systems.  Legacy card types listed above can be combined with RFID technologies.

Printing and Graphics
Secura Key has state-of-the-art four-color digital printing with variable data capabilities, using the HP Indigo System, as well as offset printing capabilities using a classic Heidelberg press.  Our experienced printers understand and anticipate the effects of high temperature lamination on the color of printing ink, and can achieve the best color matching possible.  Our graphics department can take your existing art or design concepts and create professional looking cards.

Encoding and Marking
Secura Key has a state-of-the-art encoding and marking system, which encodes Barium Ferrite, LF (Proximity) and HF (Contactless) cards, laser engraves numbering on each card, and automatically packs them into sleeves for shipping.

Laminating and Die Cutting
Secura Key has hydraulic temperature - controlled laminators, as well as Class A die cutting capability.

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