RFID Privacy Policy
SECURA KEY supports the following business principles and practices in respect to its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services, in all cases consistent with applicable laws.  SECURA KEY encourages buyers of our products and services to support the following fair information practices:
  • We support industry best practices through self regulation, certifications, and other methods for protecting the security of personally identifiable information and other private data, and we believe that these practices should be auditable and enforceable.
  • We support the implementation of security for personally identifiable user information with protection that is proportional to threats to that data. 
  • We recommend that any personal data stored on our products be subject to review by the user upon request.  Personally identifiable information associated with a unique identifier on our products should be subject to reasonable fair information practices. 

    We do not intend for our products to be used for sharing any personally identifiable information, whether collected on or linked to the tag with other parties, unless there is the clear consent of the user.
  • We consider responsible use of our products to include only the collection of necessary personally identifiable information. 
  • We do not support the use of SECURA KEY products or services for the purpose of tracking any person without their knowledge and consent. 
  • We recommend that people be made aware of and consent to the use of an RFID tag on any product or personal effect, its purpose and use, including any data stored on that tag or any change in the intended purpose or use.   
  • Finally, SECURA KEY will provide upon request consumer education for users to make informed, intelligent decisions about the use of our products.
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