Record ANY streaming or non-streaming videos from sites like YouTube or MSN video. You want to record Flash or QuickTime videos playing on your media player? No problem! ClickHere to download sample videos we recorded using liteCam.

- Record your computer screen with a mouse cursor. You can also write while you're recording with our "Draw on Screen" Tool 

- A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine what a video is worth. Create Instant tutorial/demo/presentation. 

- Experience the best screen capture CODEC, iSCC.

Want the best DirectX game recording program on the market? Up to 30 times smaller file size than leading game recording software. .
Want to find a way to record a webcam conference, chat or just yourself? Look no further. liteCam will show you the easiest way to record whatever you see through your webcam.
Want to watch what you have recorded on your mobile device as well? You can convert your videos for whatever smartphone or iPod you have! It can't be any more portable than this.
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