CamVerce Recorder
Record Screen Record desktop activities with mouse cursor and your voice. 
Not just record, you can also draw on your screen while you're recording. 
Made a mitake while recording? Not to worry, you can edit it after with CamVerce Studio
Record Video Record video playing on your computer screen. 
It records whether it's streaming or non-streaming.
Slide Recording Don't want to record your screen because of its file size? Try Slide Recording
You can take screenshots only whenever you want while your mouse cursor and narration are being recorded to minimize the file size.
You can add callouts, images and audio to your project. You made a mistake while recording? Cut those frames out! Its intuitive frame editing and interactive feature will shine your project even more. The professional presentation or tutorial you were impressed with? Now you can make one in minutes!
Do you need to export to multiple formats? We got them all covered. You can export to 11 different file formats including AVI, SWF, DOC and PPT.
It connects all CamVerce applications. You don't need to leave all applications open all the time.
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