The ENTRACOMP® 28SA-Plus is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, card access control unit for single or multi-door applications. To read a card, simply place the card on the stainless steel TOUCH CARD™ Reader plate. Patented slotless TOUCH CARD™ Reader technology protects the unit from weather and vandalism.

The unit may be programmed with a PC either locally or with the use of a modem. Basic programming functions can also be accomplished by using programming cards. Transaction information is stored by the unit and may be downloaded to a PC or printer.

Up to 128 28SA-Plus units can be connected together in a single twisted pair RS-485 network using optional SK-NM485 Modules and SK-NET Software for Windows® .

A remote reader (SK-029W) may be connected to the 28SA Plus to allow access control in both directions through a single passageway, including true IN/OUT anti-passback capability. Three inputs are provided which are user programmable as Door Monitor, Tamper Monitor, Remote Inactive, Remote Open, Arming Circuit, Bell, or User Defined. The limited use feature allows cards to be programmed to work for a specified number of uses, days, weeks, or days after the first use.

Standalone / Networked Touch Card Readers
28SA-SM - Standalone Reader with Surface Mount Housing
SK-NM485 - Networking Module
SK-NET™ - PC Software

Cards and Keytags
SKC-06 Card
SKK-06 Keytag



Ordering Information
28SA-SM - Surface Mount Housing

The following models are obsolete:
28SA-FM - Flush Mount Housing and
28SA-MH -Metal Housing
SK-029W-FM:  Slave Reader Flush-Mount Housing
SK-029W-MH:  Slave Reader, Metal Surface Housing

SKC-06-2 Cards
SKK-06-06 Key Tags
(Small eyelet hole at end of tag) 
SKC-06-6 Dual Bond Card with Photo Flap (IDA) 

Direct Image:
SKC-06-2 cards with Art File 3357 (Blue)

Accessories For 28SA-PLUS
PD-26 Program Card Deck:  (Specify Facility Code)
SK-DCPWR:  12VDC 1.2 A Power Supply Board (Use w/ SK-XFRMR)
SK-XFRMR:  16.5 VAC, 40 VA Plug-In Transformer (Use w/ SK-DCPWR)
PMA: Post-Mount Adapter Plate
FMA:  Flange-Mount Adapter Plate
TS:  Tamper Switch
ST-1:  Security Tool for Tamper-Resistant Screws
SK-QUICKCONN:  DB9 to RJ11 6’ cable - Laptop to SK-ACP or 28SA+
CBLSA:  Cable w/ set of 3 connectors - Computer or Printer to SK-ACP or 28SA+
SK-PLUG9:  DB9 Pigtail Computer Connector
SK-USB:  USB-to-Serial Converter For Computers Without a COM Port
NET-CONV-P: Converter w/Power Supply
     (Required When Computer Is >100’ Away From SK-ACP or 28SA+)
NET-CONV: Converter w/Out Power Supply
SK-MDM:  56K Baud External Modem w/ Power Supply (Requires SK-NET-MLD software)
SK-LAN: TCP/IP External Device Server w/ Power Supply (Requires SK-NET-MLD software)
SK-029W-SM:  FMT34 Slave Reader For 28SA-PLUS, Surface Housing
DTK-CR: Surge Suppressor, Card Reader or Keypad
SK-NET™: PC Software

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