The ENTRACOMP® 26SA card access control unit is both inexpensive and fully programmable. The patented slotless TOUCH CARD® reader is protected from weather and vandalism. Simply place a card on the stainless steel touch plate and the card is read instantly and accurately. A remote open input allows the door or gate to also be controlled from a remote switch.

Because the ENTRACOMP® 26SA has nonvolatile memory, reprogramming after a power loss is a thing of the past. Adding and deleting cards, as well as other programming functions, are easily accomplished from outside the housing by using programming cards. The reader operates on low voltage AC or DC and consumes less than 200 milliamps.

The 26SA may be used with the new Secura Key SecuRelay™. SecuRelay™ allows the lock or gate control circuit to be remotely located for added vandal-resistance. Lexan® and metal surface housings and a flush-mount housing are available.

The 26SA uses reliable Barium Ferrite card technology.

26SA-SM Surface Mount

Cards and Keytags
SKC-06 - ISO Card
SKK-06 - Keytag

26SA Touch Card Standalone Reader
Touch Key™ Key Tag

26SA Manual

Ordering Information

SKC-06-02 Barium Ferrite Card, Sequential Numbering with Facility Code
SKK-06-06 Barium Ferrite Key Tag, Sequential Numbering with Facility Code
SKC-06-06 Barium Ferrite Card, Dual Bond I.D.Flap, Sequential Numbering with Facility Code
SKC-06-10 Barium Ferrite Card, Sequential Numbering & Facility Code with Mag Stripe
PDC-50 Program Deck with 50 Matching SKC-06-2 Cards - Sequentially Numbered 1-50
Also available: PDC-100, PDC-200, PDC-250, PDC-300, PDC-500, PDC-1000

PD-26 Program Card Deck (Specify Facility Code)
SK-DCPWR 12 VDC Power Supply Board, Requires SK-XFRMR
SK-XFRMR Plug-In 16.5 VAC Transformer
PMA Post-Mount Adapter Plate
FMA Flange-Mount Adapter Plate
SK-SR1 SecuRelay™ Intelligent Relay Module

TS Tamper Switch
ST-1 Security Tool for Tamper-Resistant Screws
DTK-CR Surge Suppressor, Card Reader or Keypad

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