Aspose.Network for .NET

Aspose.Network for .NET is a suite of flexible, mature and easy-to-use .NET components for professional network programming. Aspose.Network for .NET includes the implementation of most major network protocols as well as many utility classes to facilitate common development tasks.

Compared to the System.Net class library included with the .NET framework, Aspose.Network for .NET aims to provide a more comprehensive and complete solution for professional network application development on the .NET platform.

Aspose.Network for .NET also provides classes and algorithms which offer a simple, standards-based interface that can support time-oriented Recurrence Patterns or schedules, the central concepts of which are compatible with the iCalendar RFC (2445). Aspose.Network for .NET enables .NET programmers to concentrate on their business logic by hiding the complexities of network programming, network protocols and other implementation details. 

Product Diagram of Aspose.Network for .NET

At a Glance

Aspose.Network for .NET supports the major network protocols.
Platform Independence of Aspose.Network for .NET

Platform Independence

Aspose.Network for .NET supports the .NET framework.
File Format Support of Aspose.Network for .NET

Supported File Formats

Aspose.Network for .NET supports the MSG, MHT and EML file formats.

Common Uses

  • Easily send email with HTML formatting and attachments
  • Mail merge and send mass mail functions
  • Connect to POP3 and IMAP mail servers, list and download messages locally
  • Connect to Microsoft Exchange Servers, list, download andsend messages
  • Upload and download files using FTP (synchronous or asynchronous mode)
  • Load messages from file or stream (EML, MSG or MHT formats)
  • Save messages to file or stream (EML, MSG or MHT formats)
  • File format conversion (EML, MSG or MHT formats)
  • Generate dates for specified recurrence patterns according to iCalendar RFC

Customer Types

We have clients of many different types, including -

  • Banks
  • Government Organizations
  • Legal Institutions
  • Insurance Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Data Processing Houses
  • Postal/Cargo Services
  • Search Engines
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