Aspose.Network for .NET

Aspose.Email for .NET is a collection of components for working with email from within ASP.NET web applications, web services or Windows applications. It makes it easy to work with Outlook PST, EML, MSG and MHT files.

Aspose.Email makes it easy to work with HTML or plain text emails and their attachments. It allows developers to work against SMTP, POP, FTP and Microsoft Exchange servers. It supports mail merge and iCalendar features, customized header and body, retrieving content, header information and embedded files, Twitter and much more.

Aspose.Email for .NET allows developers to focus on implementing their business logic and managing emails without having to get into the nitty-gritty of email and network programming. Our file format expertise ensures that the components are easy to use and give you the controls you need to perform your tasks.

Product Diagram of Aspose.Network for .NET

At a Glance

Aspose.Email for .NET supports the major network protocols.
Platform Independence of Aspose.Network for .NET

Platform Independence

Aspose.Email for .NET supports the .NET framework.
File Format Support of Aspose.Network for .NET

Supported File Formats

Aspose.Email for .NET supports PST, MSG, MHT and EML file formats.

Common Uses

  • Easily send email with HTML formatting and attachments
  • Mail merge and send mass mail functions
  • Connect to POP3 and IMAP mail servers, list and download messages locally
  • Connect to Microsoft Exchange Servers, list, download and send messages
  • Create and update tasks using iCalendar.
  • Load messages from file or stream (EML, MSG or MHT formats)
  • Save messages to file or stream (EML, MSG or MHT formats)
  • File format conversion (EML, MSG or MHT formats)
  • Generate dates for specified recurrence patterns according to iCalendar RFC

Customer Types

We have clients of many different types, including -